The Foxhunter’s Guide to Life & Love

Seven secrets to help improve your love life, and your love OF life.

“It’s Dave Barry meets Rita Mae Brown meets Dr. Phil!”

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Best-Selling Author Rita Mae Brown says: “Who can resist Mister Anderson or love!”

jhanderson_FGLL_cover3Discover the Seven Habits of Highly Happy Hunters.

In his new inspirational novel, J. Harris Anderson provides humorous, lighthearted, and earnestly practical advice to improve your love life… and your love of  life. Through a series of stories and lessons, Anderson brings the reader along on a journey of discovery. Whatever you’re chasing—an enriched relationship, overcoming challenges, learning a new skill—this book reveals the principles of the Foxhunter Model, a guide that anyone can use to get more out of life.

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“There’s a lot to like in this slim volume. Though just over 200 pages, it’s packed with valuable insights about life and love offered from the unique perspective of foxhunting. Toss in plenty of entertainment value in the telling, with original humor and some interesting tidbits along the way, plus delightful illustrations by Claudia Coleman, and it’s definitely worth the modest price of admission.”

In & Around Horse Country.

“Even without accepting the proposed parallel between romance and foxhunting, the story can be enjoyed simply as foxhunting fiction with endearing peripheral characters.”

Foxhunting Life With Horse and Hound.

“…tips on life and love told through a series of anecdotal tales, lessons learned and pithy insights about both.”

Fauquier Times.

“Ribald tips from one of Anderson’s favorite characters, Thumper Billington, provide commentary on a tale of how to turn expertise in The Chase into a recipe for happiness in Life and Love. Don’t let anything stand in your way — success comes to those with gusto and panache who never stop trying.”

— Karen Myers, author of To Carry the Horn.

Don’t forget the first popular Paradise Gap novel

The Prophet of Paradise book coverFoxhunting, Faith, and Pheromones.

Life around Paradise Gap, in Virginia’s Crutchfield County, has been cadenced to the comfortable traditions of foxhunting for many generations. And then Ryman McKendrick receives a vision. Inspired by a message from Saint Hubert—or so he believes—Ryman launches The Ancient and Venerable Church of Ars Venatica, aka The Church of Foxhunting. Even the skeptics can’t ignore Ryman’s uncanny new powers. The Venatican ranks swell, hunters sing—literally—the praises of the sporting life, and a current of titillation flows among the participants, from teenagers to octogenarians. The double meaning of “venery” (pursuits both sporting and erotic) blends happily into a single drive for many of Ryman’s ardent followers. But support is far from universal. Is one of Ryman’s detractors committed enough to go to the ultimate extreme?

The Prophet of Paradise takes you inside a rarified world of foxhunting, religion, and sex—a powerful cocktail of passion that can lead to pleasure or pain.

More about The Prophet of Paradise

Praise for The Prophet of Paradise

“…well-written entertainment for the foxhunter and urban dweller alike. The characters are fully developed, and the bawdy, funny tale draws the reader along. This literate longtime devotee and author on the subject of foxhunting provides accuracy and detail of hunts to make this an enjoyable read for the knowledgeable rider, while non-hunters will enjoy a cracking good bedtime story.”
The Chronicle of the Horse
“A novel of great wit and insights [written with] an artist’s eye for the landscape and a musician’s ear for dialogue…Rush out and buy it.”
Covertside Magazine
“A vigorous tale that will entertain foxhunters and non-foxhunters alike. [The] foxhunting scenes are excellent and will give non-hunters a real taste of the thrills of following hounds on horseback.”
Foxhunting Life with Horse and Hound
“An extremely well written, captivating, and just plain fun read.”
Horse Times
“Anderson writes with an insider’s view, blending witty dialogue, authentic settings, likable characters, and a bucket-load of scandal into a tale sure to entertain foxhunters and the not-so-horsey alike. Tallyho and tighten your girth for an enjoyable ride!”
Jan Neuharth, author of the Hunt Country Suspense Series
“A wry and lovely novel full of humor, life, God, nefarious schemes, and foxhunting. I swear I’ve met some of these folks before but little did I know what they were really thinking. Hunt with the hounds and run with the fox, and just like your horse, take it all in stride. Tremendous fun.”
Karen Myers, author of the Hounds of Annwn fantasy series
“Anderson has created believable and sympathetic characters… When you start caring about the characters, that’s a pretty good sign the author has done his job. I can recommend this as an easy and enjoyable read.”
Jenny Young, In & Around Horse Country


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